One floor down

Down the stairs from the guest entrance are two cosy rooms with a genuine homelike atmosphere, each approximately 12 square meters, heated by comfortable underfloor heating. Through the basement windows you have a splendid view of the gravel path outside! Here, the walls are adorned with, among other things, enlarged book covers, and you fall asleep safely under the supervision of classic Swedish authors such as Strindberg and Moa Martinson. Both rooms are furnished with a 140 cm bed, desk, two armchairs, coffee table and chest of drawers. You share a bathroom with shower, toilet, and bathtub. The two rooms also share a kitchenette with sink, fridge/freezer, microwave, and kitchen equipment.


For two persons (until 19/6)
SEK 1100/night
For one person (until 19/6)
SEK 1000/night
For two persons (20/6-18/8)
SEK 1300/night
For one person (20/6-18/8)
SEK 1200/night
Multi-day package
When booking at least three nights, you get a SEK 100 discount per night.
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